Facebook Vending Machines Provide a Unique Take on Dispensing

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsEvery office has a vending machine, and it should come as no surprise that the vending products found in Facebook’s corporate offices are just a tad bit fancier than most. What you may have not presumed, however, is just how trusting the company is when handing out supplies via their unique vending installation.

The most remarkable vending machine in Facebook’s offices has nothing to do with anything edible, according to The Atlantic. The company’s IT department has its very own custom Facebook vending machine, which vends everything from quality headphones to keyboards. Employees must swipe their cards in order to obtain the goods they want, but they actually are not charged for any of it. The IT department simply trusts its employees to only take what they need, with credit card info being used for security reasons only. This is certainly a new-age vending concept, but few companies scream “new-age” like Facebook, the undisputed kings of social media.

Facebook’s IT machine is just one of the many vending innovations that seem to be popping up all over the world as of late. Could your business benefit from its own custom vending machine? Thanks to the vending machine manufacturers here at IDS, you can turn just about any vending vision into a game-changing reality