Solving a Theft Problem

Recently there has been a string of drug thefts from ambulances in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Since April, two thefts took place at a rescue station and another at a station. Morphine, along with other drugs, were stolen from locked ambulance compartments. To appease the situation, the Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency are changing the drug compartment locks in every ambulance. There will be separate lock boxes added for morphine and Versed, a drug used to produce drowsiness before a medical procedure. Down the line they hope to have new compartments that are able to identify who accessed them and when.

It sounds like they need the EMS package from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions. It would completely solve the problem and it’s just the technology they are looking for. Any and all drugs, and other supplies, can be kept on hand but with added security and documentation as they are dispensed. Personnel must present their ID in order to gain access. You can even control access level for each employee. Prompts are fully customizable too to track additional information. These medical EMS vending machines will help prevent drug theft and can save you money.

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