Fitness Vending Machines for Summer

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsWith the weather heating up faster than ever, this is the season to get fit! From the track to the gym, people usually use the summer months as a chance to get out and get back into shape. Whether you’re serving bodybuilders or casual joggers, no one can achieve maximum fitness without the right mix of refreshment and nutrition. Fortunately, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions can craft a fitness vending machine perfect for all types of health enthusiasts!

Whether you run a busy gym or a laid-back country club, a custom gym vending machine makes a perfect counterpart of any place where people work out and play sports. Aside from providing sports drinks and energy bars, fitness vending units can dispense key accessories like weight gloves and goggles, which will save your clients valuable time they’d otherwise spend at a sporting goods store. And thanks to iQ technology, you can connect your clients’ membership to your gym with your machine, allowing them to access the goods they need most whenever they like.

No matter the activity, this is the season to have fun and get in shape. By utilizing a custom gym vending machine in any place of fitness, your customers will have a better time than ever staying fit!