Increase Productivity While Decreasing Costs

Productivity is something that no workplace should take for granted. This is especially true in a healthcare setting. When every second counts, doctors, nurses and surgical technicians cannot afford to waste time waiting for clean scrubs or searching for the right size in a messy storage closet. Your organization also cannot afford to waste money on replacing scrubs that are accidentally thrown away or taken home by your employees. You do not want to risk spreading healthcare associated infections (HAIs) by not properly processing your scrubs. Our simple solution? IDS’ ScrubTrak machine.

ScrubTrak vending machine customers have saved tens of thousands of dollars in their facilities by reducing annual scrub purchases by 90% and saving 35% in laundering costs. Our system allows you to have full control over your scrub inventory by tracking who is gaining access to your scrubs. Now, they simply scan their ID and choose to dispense their saved scrub set or pick a new size if they wish. It also ensures that unauthorized users do not have access to your scrubs.

One of the biggest benefits of our ScrubTrak machines is that they can be placed in multiple locations throughout your facility. Having satellite locations as opposed to one central hub cuts down on the amount of time people have to stand in line and wait for scrubs, as well as decreases the travel time of doctors and nurses. Instead, they find the closest machine and either dispense their scrubs or get new scrubs. It also cuts down on employees having to dig through scrubs to find the right size. Now, they simply have to scan their ID, choose a size and the machine will dispense their scrubs. It is that easy!

Infection control is a major concern in hospitals. Utilizing an open closet, as opposed to the ScrubTrak solution, puts your employees at risk of taking infectious diseases out into the public, and even your house. By installing Scrubtrak, you ensure that your hospital’s scrub policy is being adhered to and you are reducing the risk of spreading infectious bacteria and HAI’s. 

Do not take workplace productivity and safety for granted. Give us a call at 1-855-570-2673 and let us help you get started today.

IDS Medical Vending Machines Will Shine During 2015 FDIC International Conference

April 20-25, 2015, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will place one of their newest creations on display to firefighters and EMS personnel during the FDIC International Conference. For ages, first responders and medical staff have faced a common problem in the course of duty; how to properly store and secure supplies, especially supplies classified as controlled substances by the FDA. Furthermore, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will launch ScrubTrak medical vending machines for greater control and accessibility to scrubs throughout a variety of medical settings.


In most medical settings, all staff have access to scrub supply rooms, which results in many pairs of scrubs being taken, used, or even thrown away without accountability. ScrubTrak enables managers to control which employees have access to scrubs, how many pairs may be checked out at one time, and the current inventory of the EMS vending machine.

ScrubTrak Knows Who Gets Scrubs

ScrubTrak can be set to identify who accesses the machine through the use of personalized pin codes, mag stripes, or a unique barcode.

Multiple Locations

In traditional scrub storage locations, staff would be faced with ensuring enough scrubs are in stock with respect to sizes, styles, and staffing needs. In addition, most facilities keep scrubs in one central location for each unit. ScrubTrak allows managers to use multiple machines and control inventory from one central location without the need to physically count numbers of scrubs each day. The data for inventory control is kept in a central, cloud-based operating system as well.

Inventory Control

ScrubTrak functions as a specialized form of inventory control as well. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions notes that this vending machine can be customized to keep track of all inventories and applies to the following situations in addition to ScrubTrak software.

Controlled Medications

Managers must keep track of current inventory of controlled medications within medical facilities.  However, this often involves multiple staff used to count medication numbers multiple times throughout the day. Furthermore, a low supply can result in many patients being in pain or unable to be cared for properly.  In some cases, such as different level staff, staff may be granted access to certain medications while others are not. For example, a Licensed Practical Nurse will be unable to access medications required to be dispensed by a Registered Nurse.

Medical Supplies

Aside from medications, the use of medical supplies represents one of the greatest costs medical facilities incur throughout the course of business. According to Health Services Research, supplies and devices accounted for 24.2% of costs resulting increased average cost of medical services. This occurs when staff do not properly document supplies used for patients. As a result, the medical facility tries to make up for these costs through increased costs. Our systems track what was removed and which staff member removed supplies. Furthermore, it can be programmed to track which patient each supply is for.

As Intelligent Dispensing Solutions moves forward with greater inventory control through the use of medical vending machines, more medical facilities will face the challenge of ensuring optimum operational efficiency. Ultimately, managers and supervisory staff will have the chance to see first-hand how IDS vending machines will save them time and money at the FDIC International Conference this month.

IDS Will Attend The 2015 CleanShow | ScrubTrak

IDS has recently announced that it will be attending the 2015 CleanShow event, taking place from April 16 to April 19, to exhibit its new ScrubTrak line of medical vending machines. The ScrubTrak is powered by a state of the art inventory control software that is designed to put managers back in control of the disbursement of necessary resources across a medical facility.

CleanShow 2015 is taking place at the beautiful Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The show has recently expanded its format to allow for additional days over previous years, which was a move made in part to give people in attendance more time to take in new exhibits, attend educational sessions and network with other people in the industry that they work in. The ScrubTrak scrubs vending machine is just one of the many technological advancements that will be on display all throughout the show.

CleanShow 2015 is an event designed for people in the laundering, dry cleaning and textile services industry. People come from all over the country to take in live demonstrations, educational sessions and engage in bold networking opportunities that they are unlikely to find anywhere else. During the 2013 show alone, 422 different companies traveled to New Orleans and utilized almost 200,000 square feet of booth space to show off their latest innovations to the industry.

IDS’ ScrubTrak machines have a large range of technological advancements that can’t be ignored. They operating system that powers these machines is cloud-based, for example, meaning that they are always connected to an active Internet connection at all times. This means that all ScrubTrak machines that are in use by the same company are always connected to one another and sharing information, regardless of where in a building they’re located or if they’re spread across multiple facilities.

Each time scrubs are dispensed or returned to the machine, its operating system is updated to reflect this information. A camera can be added onto the unit to record video of each transaction, making sure both that only authorized individuals are using the machine and to help track down lost resources whenever possible.

The same easy to use, sleek graphical user interface also allows facility managers to manage “pick lists” for warehouse distribution, employ dynamic routing to get scrubs where they’re needed the most and more. All of this comes in a machine with a relatively small footprint, allowing ScrubTrak to fit in effortlessly in any sized facility. IDS will be giving live demonstrations of the latest models at the show for all four days.