Vending Companies are Embracing Mobile Payment

Whether you are familiar with Intelligent Dispensing Solutions or have been following our blog, you probably know already that the vending industry is evolving and adapting at lightspeed. It might not be long before we are using custom vending machines to purchase tickets for space travel to Mars, where we will find even more machines. Okay, so that might never happen. But there are plenty of more practical examples of the vending industry growing perfectly with our ever electronic world.

A recent report from Mobile Commerce Press revealed that cashless payment solutions company USA Technologies has teamed up with Isis, a company specializing in mobile wallet options. The end result: the ability to make purchases right from your mobile phone. While the recent application of credit card capabilities in vending machines has added a great layer of convenience for customers, mobile payment saves the average consumer even more time, as they will not even have to touch their wallets. This new service forged by the two companies will be available in 7,500 machines in Salt Lake City and Austin, and will hopefully boost sales thanks to the novelty of the service.

We love hearing about these exciting vending developments, and we hope you do too. If you are inspired to create a completely custom vending machine for any type of business that uses state-of-the-art technology, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is at your service.