Vending Machines for the Gym

The wonderful aspect of Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is that they are not solely focused on food and drink vending machines. While that’s still a popular design here in America, they realize that there are more items people need readily available other than food. The company has already developed a custom vending machine that can be used in gyms which allows members to simply swipe their membership cards to receive beverages, snacks, and equipment. Anything they purchase is then billed on their monthly statement from the gym.

Besides offering sports drinks and healthy snacks like protein bars, you can purchase goggles and swimming caps for the pool, replacement shoelaces, and other items you may need while working out. That’s incredibly convenient, especially if the gym isn’t close by your home. Now you don’t have to turn around and go back home for these items. They are right at your disposal.

These gym vending machines are already being used at 123 Fit, Anytime Fitness, World Gym, and Snap Fitness. But this certainly isn’t the end. They are working with more gyms to let this fantastic idea be at everyone’s fingertips. What would you like to see in a fitness vending machine? Anything is possible with Intelligent Dispensing Solutions.