How Smart Lockers Enhance Inventory Management

Today’s inventory management, while complex and demanding, is a crucial part of every organization’s functionality. Therefore, it’s necessary to invest resources in the latest solutions that will increase efficiency within your organization.

Smart Locker storage is soon changing the way we track and manage inventory. This wonderful technology enables the distribution of inventory at the point of need. Smart Lockers simplify inventory distribution by reducing costs and taking away many processes that require hours of management. 

How Smart Lockers can be the difference?

On a basic level, smart lockers are modular storage devices that organizations can use to protect their most valued assets. But these are devices with a cutting-edge proposition, a highly secure digital platform that can simplify asset management in various ways. iQ Technology from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, can systematically maintain a real-time digital record of transactions, which helps keep track of assets. The accountability of each of these assets will be clearly specified. It can meet the various requirements of organizations without any need for the employees to search for supplies, as they have what they’ll need with a click of a button. 

Smart lockers feature live analytics and multi-featured dashboards. iQ Technology software allows you to track all your items in one location.

 We at IDS design Smart Lockers that can fully address your team’s needs, facilitating the storage of critical reusable assets, consumable products, and other inventory. 

Automate your processes

Maintaining and tracking asset details through spreadsheets and scheduled audits is laborious, error-prone and time-consuming. Any lapses in the process could lead to a significant loss of time and money. These efforts can now be easily managed with easy-to-access Smart Lockers that can automate tasks and generate usage reports. The analytics and usage reports provided by iQ Technology make inventory management more simple and accurate.

Users will have access to analytics and data reporting that can help identify critical issues that require immediate attention. Real-time updates and notifications help management provide accountability and understand the details of each asset transaction. This accountability also provides reminders to help employees be aware of any assets that must be picked up or restored.

Assigning and identifying accountability 

It only takes a moment for an asset to be misplaced, stolen, or destroyed. With Smart Lockers, you can restrict the usage of assets to a select few employees. Credentialed employees can access the locker compartments through RFID badges, barcodes, mag stripes, and even an ID barcode card. The detailed layout offered by Smart Lockers enables management to have a thorough understanding of asset usage, including the people assigned with the responsibility for the asset, where and when they have used it. Assigning an asset, which takes hours in a typical manual setting, can be done with the click of a button. Moreover, the web of security provided by usage logs meets the standards of internal security and policies based on industry-based regulations. 

IDS Adjustable Lockers can be used for secure asset management in the form of single-dispense, multi-dispense, will-call, check-in/check-out and storage for high-dollar items or user-specific items that contain sensitive data such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is a pioneer in developing innovative dispensing solutions for inventory management and have proved our expertise as a leader in inventory control dispensing for over 20 years. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of integrated Supply Dispensers and Supply Lockers, we offer solutions that match the unique needs of our client base around the world. We’d love show you how it works.