Touch Screen vs Keypads for Custom Vending Machines

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsWhile there was once a time when the classic 10-digit keypad was the only means of making an order on a vending machine. However, thanks to the vast advances being made in the world of custom vending machines, customers enjoy a variety of transaction methods, between credit card receptacles and futuristic touch screens. If you’re torn between which type of interface to use for your customer base, consider the pros and cons of each:

Touch Screen: By utilizing a touch screen on your smart supply vending machine, you will instant lure in customers who live for the latest technology. After all, who doesn’t want to use the shiniest new device on the block? Not only do touch screens look fancy, but they can put more product selections than ever right at the fingertips of your consumers.

Keypad: While touch screens ooze innovation, few things are as reliable as the classics. While touch screens can be easily damaged or destroyed, a keypad is likely to stand the test of time in the long run.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to represent your vending product. Thanks to Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, your custom vending machine will be an industry-leading product no matter what accessories it runs on!

Equip Your Business for the Holidays with a Custom Vending Machine

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsWith gift-giving holidays about a month away, the chaos of holiday shopping has slowly begun to trickle into retail stores everywhere, as made evident by big sales and packed stores. And while your retail establishment will likely see an increased influx of traffic during these busy months, what if you could secure even more revenue during the holidays? Thanks to the business retail vending machine possibilities offered by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, your business can become more efficient and profitable than ever during the most trying time of the year.

If you sell any type of electronics, imagine the possibilities a retail vending machine can bring to your business. Holiday shifts are typically the most exhausting ones for retail employees, so why not lighten their burden with one of our machines? With our help, you can build the perfect dispenser for cameras, tablets, keyboards, and just about any device your store may carry. By giving your customers a self-service option, you can choose how to utilize your valuable associates more freely. And just because your store does not operate 24/7 does not mean you ever have to stop selling your products. By having an external vending machine, you can be turning a profit long after you lock your doors.

Whether you sell electronics, toys, or jewelry, we can build you the perfect custom vending machine when you need it most. With a demanding few months ahead, we can provide you with a machine that is high-tech, durable, and most importantly, made for you.