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Medical Supplies Dispensing

UCapIt provides durable medical equipment dispensing for emergency medical service organizations including public, private and hospital-based providers. Our medical dispensers can interface with multiple forms of ID and can be set up to capture further allocation data, such as run number, EPCR number or unit number at the time of transaction. Organizations can utilize automated pharmaceutical dispensers to help control, track and dispense medical equipment and supplies. Additionally, all items dispensed are recorded with date and time, site location, employee name, item number and description.

Medical Supply Vending Machines

Improve the level and care provided to your clients with inventory management solutions from UCapIt. Choose from Supply Dispensers, Supply Lockers or SAFEMEDS. Supply Dispensers and Supply Lockers can be used as a standalone solution or attached to one another.

Dispensers Trio

Supply Dispensers

Versatile UCapIt Supply Dispensers address major supply room challenges and can be configured to securely store, track and deliver a wide range of EMS products including controlled substances, narcotics and pharmaceuticals. Any item dispensed is recorded, so that you are able to track the full chain of custody.


Supply Lockers

Supply Lockers can be attached with up to four dispensers or lockers. They are ideal for dispensing large items or items that need to be checked out, such as EMS kits and defibrillators. Each bay can be set up individually in three dispense modes. Electricity can be added in each bay for charging transport equipment.

EMS Black Combo Model 3632

Combo Machine

With the ability to dispense both large and small items within one machine, the Combo Machine gives managers the ability to track and manage inventory effectively and efficiently. It is the optimal choice for incorporating secure inventory control in locations with space constraints or a limited number of users.

iQ Technology

As the brain of IDS’ revolutionary inventory management solution, iQ Technology puts managers back in control. First aid vending machines and automated medication dispensers reduce inventory carrying costs, decrease costs due to “shrink” and hoarding and eliminates waste due to expired products and pharmaceuticals. Its cloud-based operating system and inventory control capabilities provide management with full, real-time reporting of how, what, why and where, which allows managers to set individual par levels, re-order points and critical alert points for their products. A manager can choose to receive an alert every time a specific product has been dispensed. From narcotics vending to syringe vending and everything in between, iQ Technology ensures that a manager knows the status of their inventory location at all times.


Medical Dispensing Tracking for Your Organization

Would you like to provide access to supplies and pharmaceuticals while maintaining control and security, reducing data entry and meeting the FDA and DEA federal guidelines for pharmaceutical management?

IDS specializes in equipping organizations with controlled dispensing solutions in order to maintain efficiency and security, no matter what time of the day it is. IDS’ UCapIt enables you to securely and efficiently control, track and dispense your medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals with controlled access pharmaceutical (CAP) dispensing equipment.

Automate your inventory and provide a safer, smarter and more secure system for your organization, while still improving the level of care to your customers with IDS’ UCapIt inventory management solutions.

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Still playing inventory guessing games? Watch the automated medication dispenser in action and begin taking control of your inventory.

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