One solution to office supply tracking problems

Secure, 24/7 Access to Factory Supplies and PPE

Vend Safety ensures your employees have access to the supplies they require when they need them. Its integrated inventory tracking system saves your employees precious time searching for supplies. Consult our experts to learn how we have enabled manufacturing businesses to manage inventory and provide access to supplies.

Reduce costs by eliminating shrink and hoarding.

Enhance your productivity with Vend Safety’s targeted access to factory supplies. Establish effective custody of critical equipment using our back-end software platform. Also, prevent wasteful hoarding of tools or supplies and shrinking with our supply dispensers and lockers.

Always be updated with the status of your inventory with Vend Safety

Experience continuity in your operations with the timely availability of supplies through Vend Safety. Place supplies in our supply dispenser or supply locker to avoid inefficiency in operations. Moreover, decrease inventory cost and implement just-in-time initiatives better.

Works seamlessly with your existing supply chain platform

Vend Safety integrates with your existing supply chain platform. Its back-end platform works with your existing ERP and MRP solutions. Our solutions can read stock details using hand-held scanners and don’t need supply lockers or bins. Ask us how.

Automated reports and alerts

Create real-time reports to inform real-time status to stakeholders. Asset utilization is possible across any device, like laptops, desktops, or mobile phones. Moreover, write automation workflows to send alerts about stock levels and other parameters instantly to various persons in the manufacturing process. Know more here.

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