Supplies From School And Office Vending Machines

Your time matters.

Students and business folk are in more of a rush today then ever before. It seems like all of the gadgets used to make things zip by more quickly have simply ramped up expectations for everyone else to do more things faster. It might be good for the world, but it is making things more and more difficult for everyone to do the basics.

In both offices and schools, many folks are trying to use vending machines to lighten the load a bit. Using an office vending machine to sell necessary supplies for your work is a great way to save employees a trip to the office supply store. Rather than wasting precious time trekking there and back, you can simply have a thoroughly stocked supply vending machine.

Similarly many colleges and even some high schools have stocked up school vending machines with supplies like pens and notebooks, allowing students to grab supplies right before class rather than making another stop all together.

All of this talk of “Life being too short” and #YOLO means that we need to make the most of our time. Waiting for a cashier to ring you up at the local Staples is by no means living life to the fullest. These machines save time.