New Smoothie and Slushie Vending Machines Distributed Worldwide

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsWhile refreshing smoothies and slushies have been staples of convenience stores for decades, obtaining these delicious drinks is about to become even more convenient. According to the Vending Times, the Quinzee machine from Nicevend Ltd. started operating in Israel last year and is set to quench the thirsts of customers all over the world this year.

This innovative smoothie vending machine does exactly what you would expect, serving the types of drinks you usually head to your local 7-Eleven for, within the immediate convenience of a hospitality vending machine. The Quinzee has enough capacity for over eight frozen drinks, allowing for the easy dispensing of fruit smoothies, iced coffee drinks, or anything else that can fall under the “slushie” umbrella. The dispensing process is simple: Customers receive a cup and straw upon purchase and will have their cup filled with their refreshment of choice within a minute.

“Our concept and goal was to bring cutting-edge innovation into the industry, leaving the day-to-day operation a simple task, similar to common hot and cold beverage vending machines,”  Nicevend chief executive Udi Klier told the Vending Times.

Frozen drinks are just one of the many everyday products that are finally entering the vending world thanks to the advances of custom vending machines. Are you looking to bring this futuristic convenience to your customer base? Talk to IDS today!