Peanut Butter Snacks in School Vending Machines

custom vending machineIf you were in the middle of the SATs and you had ten minutes to get food, you would likely turn to school vending machines to satiate your hunger. But what would you get? Remember you have another two hours of testing. Potato chips? On an empty stomach? No way. A Hershey’s bar? And crash from the sugar low? Nice try.

You need energy. Non-crashable energy. Peanut butter. Snickers.

The gooey caramely, chocolatey delicious nougatey flavors all coalescing in your mouth to give you the pleasure of candy and the energy of a more serious snack…With that thing you can power through the rest of the test with ease.

Other options to consider are: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It doesn’t matter whether you pronounce them “Reesease” or “Reese is,” they’re also packed with energy, though perhaps aren’t as delicious.

And if you don’t like chocolate, and you’re nearby a custom peanut butter snack vending machine that has them, peanut butter crackers, the kind with the salt crystals on them, are delicious and hunger satiating.

It all comes down to personal preference. Some of us may not like nougat, some of us may like salty, some may prefer eating their candy as weirdly as possible. Whatever, it’s all made easy with snack vending machines in schools.