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A sugar low makes me feel glum. Sleepy and lonely and lazy and I think about caffeine but I don’t want palpitations. It strikes about mid-afternoon, siesta-time. But this is America and we don’t have time for siestas. What we do have time for is a quick trip to the office vending machine. A bite of a candy bar and I’m ready to go again, pounding out paperwork and typing with force.

Fortunately, the office vending machine also manifests as vending in schools, as retail vending and in other places as well. If you think your small business could benefit from a vending machine, but you’re unsure about the products that come with it, think about a custom vending machine. Vending machine manufacturers, such as Intelligent Dispensing Solutions are often more than willing to accommodate you when it comes down to it.

Welcome to the Vending Solutions blog! Here we’ll discuss all kinds of vending machine products, as well as anecdotes and idea as to how to make the best use of a custom vending machine. Check back every Monday when we go live with a new post and feel free to leave comments as you feel necessary. We look forward to hearing from you!