The Freedom of Custom Vending Machines

custom vending machinescustom vending machinesCustom vending machines have a lot to offer. I’ve seen packets of organic jerky selling for $9 in vending machines in an artist’s loft. Hard to believe that artists can afford to pay so much for dried meat but they are stubborn and you can bet that when they get a craving nothing will stop them.

It makes me wish that custom vending machines sold filet mignon and buttered mashed potatoes, ready for the microwave, but it would be impossible (wouldn’t it?) to keep filet mignon in a vending machine nice and hot. Although, don’t they have those custom vending machines with a kitchen in back, serving out fresh food each time someone chooses an item? They’re especially good for late-night dining, because honestly, who wants to have a service transaction when you’re six beers deep and it’s four o’clock in the morning?

Custom vending machines offer versatile retail options. I would put ping pong balls and crabcakes and bandannas and peanuts and salt and vinegar potato chips and sushi and cherry Coke and bicycle grease and lip balm and apples and gum in my vending machine, if I had my own. But, you know most people prefer the traditional stuff.