VendSafety – 24×7 Access to Critical Supplies

VendSafety - 24x7 Access to Critical Supplies - IDSvending

Improve Productivity with our VendSafety Application

In today’s fast and changing work environment, optimal productivity is essential. Organizations that want optimal productivity must have easy access to all supplies. With VendSafety, employees will have 24/7 vending supply access without compromising productivity or security. It eliminates inefficiency in operations by placing your supplies in a supply locker or supply dispenser. 

Using this tool dispensing system, you do not have to spend valuable time counting your supplies or searching for your supply closet’s key. Instead, you can use the supply lockers and dispensers with an integrated tracking system for vending machines to ensure your employees always have the necessary products.


Manufacturing facilities face the challenge of providing easy and safe access to personal protection equipment (PPE) and tools for lowering costs and enabling employees to work efficiently. IDS’ iQ Technology, a cloud-based system and intuitive software platform, increases employee productivity and helps managers reduce expenses. IDS’ iQ Technology helps reduce costs by eliminating shrinkage and hoarding and assists managers in making data-driven executive-level decisions through real-time analytics.


Any manufacturing environment with assets and employees would benefit significantly from VendSafety and iQ Technology. It could include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, factories, and the list goes on. Manufacturers must comply with various rules, regulations, and best practices to ensure employee productivity and safety. To achieve this task, they work with multiple departments. IDS’ tool and PPE tracking systems assist stakeholders with the following:

  • Insight into whether the desired organizational goals are being fulfilled or missed
  • Real-time and future information about resources and their utilization
  • The platform to gain an understanding of how to optimize resources or course-correct

For example, several consumables are needed on the floor, from safety goggles and simple gloves to sophisticated machinery or tools. These require real-time tracking and controlled supply access for effective utilization, safety, and security.

Benefits of VendSafety and iQ Technology

VendSafety and iQ Technology benefits:

  • Productivity of manufacturing operations
  • Easier compliance for HR
  • Management understanding the value of their investment
  • Supply chain and admin teams get more usable mileage from their budgets
  • Manufacturing floors in gaining visibility into resource availability

VendSafety Hardware- Hardware that effectively prevents the loss of assets

With its versatile hardware, VendSafety allows manufacturers to take complete control of their inventory supply room and securely track, store, and dispense various Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products. VendSafety hardware helps manufacturers manage inventory, accountability, and access control over the PPE and MRO supply lifecycle. VendSafety hardware includes supply lockers, supply dispensers, and virtual trackers.

Supply Lockers

PPE tools and supplies can be retrieved or returned using VendSafety supply lockers. You can attach our safety locker to a standalone supply locker or supply dispenser for additional capacity. All locker bays can be individually programmed, adding electricity to charge devices, including drills and tablets. 

Depending on your requirements, our supply lockers are easily adjustable from three to eighteen compartments. They are perfect for larger equipment, such as boots and hard hats. IDS’ access-controlled supply lockers allow you to store essential consumable products, reusable assets, and other inventory in a safe and secure location, ensuring your team has access to the resources it needs 24/7. Our smart supply lockers provide transparency and total control of your inventory.

Supply Dispensers

VendSafety supply dispensers enable manufacturing facilities to dispense MRO and PPE supplies, safety products, and tools to authorized staff. They provide a single point of access for your team and keep your inventory organized, safe, and secure.

With VendSafety supply dispensers, you can increase productivity and reduce employee downtime by expanding your single point of storage to your point of use. Supply vending machines are essential for facility supply management, retail, healthcare, IT, and more. 

IDS’ automated retail machines offer secure machine-based management of consumable and returnable tools, supplies, and other assets. Our automated supply dispensers ensure your team has what they need, when and where they need it, 24/7.

Virtual Tracker

Using the virtual tracker, you can track your assets on almost any device, including Android, iOS, or IDS mobile computer devices. Use the virtual tracker to maintain stock counts accurately, avoid time-consuming manual entry of products and location bins, select orders, reduce errors, and receive inventory.

Our virtual tracker hardware is versatile in any environment. Virtual tracker scanners are your solution for all your inventory tracking needs. Having a single system across your organization makes it easy to maintain all information.

Virtual tracker has vast capabilities such as:

  • Setting up role-based restrictions
  • Managing a large number of employees and users
  • Unlimited asset management
  • Vehicle checklists and management
  • Product expiration actions and alerts
  • Complete backroom management
  • Transaction logs and alerts

Our virtual tracker packages include 100% compatible hardware, including scanners, iQ Technology, and its cloud-based software, training, support, and implementation services. At Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, we take the time to understand your inventory requirements and create a customized solution that suits your needs. Contact us today!