Educate Your Customers with Book Vending Machines

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsWith the advanced technology currently available to the vending machine industry, no consumer product is off limits when considering what to stock in a custom vending machine. Being able to serve customers a satisfying hot meal or a freshly brewed cup of coffee from a vending machine is great, but why not encourage your customers to become more well-read? For a while now, literature book vending machines have actually been selling and lending books without the need of a bookstore attendant.

While library vending machines have popped up in various locations over the years, the new Biblio-Mat machine is looking to redefine book dispensing. Housed in a Toronto bookstore, this large retro-inspired machine dispenses a random used book to customers for a mere two dollars. The eye-catching machine was built as an alternative to the used book bins commonly found in book shops, as those clearance sections are commonly skipped over by customers.

The Biblio-Mat book dispenser is the final product of a unique vision coming to life. The vending machine manufacturers at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions make these vending dreams into reality every day. Whether you want to sell books, electronics, sporting goods, or anything in-between, we will create a unique, long-lasting product that will significantly enhance your business.