Interest In Unconventional Vending Machine Reaches New High

Here’s a dispatch from the files of weird vending machines. As you are probably aware, in November residents in Washington and Colorado voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The new laws went into effect in December. With the legal marijuana market, both for medicinal and recreational use looking stronger than ever, there are companies out there looking to build around big-marijuana when commodity demand reaches critical mass. And custom vending machines might be at the cutting edge of that.

Medbox, a company specializing in the automated dispensing of medical supplies, saw its shares surge 3,000% this week — from roughly $4 Monday to $215 Thursday — before falling to $100 after executives sought to dampen investor enthusiasm. Their machines are available in some states where medical marijuana is legal; however, a fingerprint scan is required to verify the patient has a prescription, but the company is working on implementing them in states for personal use.

We here at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions pride ourselves on being able to manufacture unique vending machines for any situation, within the bounds of legality, of course. While we’re still a long way away from a Bill and Ted future where cannabis connoisseurs can light up with impunity, it’s most excellent to see vending machines take advantage of any new market.