New Juice Machines Set to Rejuvenate Offices

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsDrink vending machines have been a staple of office workplaces everywhere since their inception, but a new invention from Fructomat could potentially set a new standard for office refreshment. According to the Vending Times, the company’s new office juice vending machine offers a bevy of custom-made, vitamin-enhanced beverages within seconds.

Manufactured in Carson, CA, this custom vending machine is designed with sustainability in mind. Customers can use their own cups, eliminating the extra waste that comes with cans and bottles. The machine is small enough to fit on most office counters, and serves four different types of juices in addition to filtered water. Users have the freedom to combine drink flavors, as well as choose how concentrated their beverage is. The machine can dispense roughly 1,000 drinks before it requires a refill, making it ideal for even the busiest offices around. The Fructomat machine can automatically alert machine operators whenever refills or repairs are needed, allowing for prompt maintenance at all times.

We think the Fructomat office vending machine is a great step towards the future of the business, and the vending machine manufacturers here at IDS are always at the ready to provide the same level of customized customer service. Whether you want to dispense drinks, supplies, or anything in between, we will create a custom solution that goes above and beyond the standards of the industry.