New Phone App Allows Vending Machine Operators to Connect to Customers

No matter what industry you work in, few things are more important than providing unforgettable customer service. However, in the world of vending machines, where customers are buying your product via automated transactions, there is very little room for communication between machine owner and customer. However, thanks to the work of VendCentral, vending machine companies can communicate directly with those purchasing their products via an innovative smartphone app.

According to Vending Times, the Mobile Request 1 app, will allow vending patrons to leave feedback on machines, report operation errors, and request new products and refunds. Vending machine manufacturers can attach a QR code sticker to their machine, allowing customers to scan the code with their smartphone and be presented with all of the aforementioned options. According to the article, the app also allows for an all-new level of social media integration between vending companies and their machines.

Despite their many advantages over physical stores, vending machines do sacrifice the one-on-one customer service that only a real worker can provide. However, thanks to the Mobile Request 1 app, it seems that the gap will be closing very soon. Between social media integration and the advent of custom vending machines, it has truly never been a better time to get involved with this ever-growing industry.