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Stay current and up to date on vending machine industry news and innovations. Being informed with the most up-to-date news on vending machines and lockers available on the market gives you a step up when it comes to meeting your company’s dispensing needs. We have financing for qualified buyers or tech support, should you want to change the set up of your equipment. Our smart vending machines can help you control products with accounting features informing you of product quantities. Login and have immediate access to what products you are running low on and restock according to product demand.

Business solutions are our priority and we can help you find yours. Give us a call and we will help you determine what your vending machine or locker needs are. Automate lower inventory management and lower inventory costs with Intelligent Dispensing Solutions.

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See exactly what others are doing with their equipment and what spaces they are using vending solutions in. Business solutions are our priority and we can help you find yours. Give us a call and we will help you determine what your vending machine or locker needs are. Automate inventory management and lower inventory costs.

Beyond Lock and Key: The Game-Changing Fusion of ClearVision Smart Lockers and iQ Tech

Smart Inventory Management with ClearVision Adjustable Smart Lockers

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Enhancing Patient Care with Innovative Medication Dispensing Solutions by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions (IDS)

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Revolutionizing Distribution with Intelligent Dispensing Solutions: Boosting Efficiency, Security, and Saving

Harm Reduction Dispensing Machines – The IDS Portfolio


Maximizing Your Experience at the NSA Annual Conference & Exposition

National HIV Testing Day-June 27


RX & Illicit Drug Summit – An Overview

IDS – Rx and Illicit Drug Summit

Exploring the Possibilities at PROMAT 2023


How Harm Reduction Vending Machines Are Savings Lives


iVendTech – A Smart Way to Manage and Track Your Office Supplies


Inventory Management vs. Warehouse Management


VendSafety – 24×7 Access to Critical Supplies


Customer Spotlight – AIDS Care Ocean State Harm Reduction Vending Machines


Easy Inventory Management with UCapIt


UCapIt: The Only Machine Made for EMS


The advantages of using smart lockers for mobile asset management over manual methods


How to Make Every Minute Count in Your Distribution Center?


Tips and Tricks to Track and Manage Your Organization’s Inventory

How Smart Lockers Enhance Inventory Management

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Utilizing lockers and dispensing equipment to access office supplies is more than just an asset management initiative.

Pharmaceutical Vending Machines – An Overview


Enhancing Safety With Standard Dispensing Equipment

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Case Study: San Diego State University


How Does Real Time Inventory Management Help In Pharmaceutical Dispensing

Reduce Drug-Related Harm In Communities With Dispensing Solutions

Is your retail store ready to take the plunge into unattended retail?


Selecting the right solution for cloud-based asset management


How can your organization help control the spread of COVID-19?

Dispensing Technologies for More Success In Self-Service Domain

Are Smart Lockers the Missing Piece of Your Retail Strategy?

What is the Cost of Office Inventory Mismanagement?

Inventory Reporting & Its Impact on your Business’ Bottomline

Virtual Tracker

UCapIt Specialty Applications Spotlight

The New and Improved iQ Technology: The Medical Package

The System Your Manufacturing Floor is Missing

The New and Improved iQ Technology: The Standard Package

The New and Improved iQ Technology: The Basic Package

The Time-Saving EMS Technology You Can’t Afford to Skip

Say Goodbye to Outdated Inventory Management Solutions

Introducing the COVID-19 Test Kit Dispenser & Return Center

Inventory Management Made Simple with UCapIt

Take Control of Your Narcotics Inventory with UCapIt

EMS Organizations Benefit from UCapIt

Keep Your Fitness Center Safe for Members

Connecting Lockers to Your Machine

Reduce Costs With a Smart System

The New and Improved iQ Technology: The Basic Package

Make Shopping a Breeze for Your Customers

Healthy Vending in Schools

The Brain of Our Machines

It’s Time to Take Back Control of Your EMS Equipment

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Provide Employees with Instant Access to the Supplies They Need, When They Need Them


Intelligent Dispensing Solutions Introduces PUSH-IT, a New Tray Delivery System

Increase Productivity While Decreasing Costs

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We’re Heading to Orlando for “Work”

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Is your Fitness Center in Shape?

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How Can Will Call Lockers Help Your Business?

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iVendTech: Secure Access to Technology and Office Supplies

Tips to Managing Employees

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School Food Application

Convenience & Accessibility

University Dispensing

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Inventory Management

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Vending Machines Aren’t Just for Snacks

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The Value of Saving Time

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IDS New Web Service Features

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Customer Spotlight: Mastic Beach Ambulance Company Success Story

Unlock The Value Of Your Vending Reports


Customer Spotlight: Columbus Fire Division

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The Hidden Cost of Cheap Machines

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Every Moment Matters

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Customer Spotlight: Hunt Regional Healthcare rolls out IDS’ ScrubTrak system to curb scrub loss

IDS’s New Website!

Do you know how to use our savings calculator?


Top 4 Complaints Office Managers Hear Every Day


How iQ Technology Keeps Your Inventory Safe

Embrace New Technology to Manage Assets


The IDS System for Medical Supply Dispensing in Chesapeake

What Machines Do We Offer for the Modern Office?


What Can You Store in an IDS 12-Door Locker?

Why Lease a Vending Machine from iVendTech?


Clean Scrubs for AORN Compliance – The Easy Way

6 Small Ways To Show Employees They’re Valued

Will-Call Automation and the UCapIt Inventory Management System

Reducing Patient Infections using ScrubTrak: Vending for Scrubs

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Large Item Dispensing Revolutionized

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Scrubs May Be Contaminating More Than Expected

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Why Inventory Management is Critical to Your Business

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Scrubs: Streetwear or Not?

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How UCapIt Can Help EMS Providers Save Money

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ScrubTrak Pro Tips: Keeping your Scrubs Sanitary

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iVendTech – How a Vending Machine In Your Office Can Benefit Business Travelers

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How ScrubTrak Can Help With Compliance and Infection Prevention in Medical Facilities


UCapIt – The Next Level of Supply Management for Medical Settings

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How IDS Helps You Create Custom Vending Machines

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Vending Machine For Office Supplies Opened in a Library

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Vending Solutions in Public Premises

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The Importance of Medical Supply Vending Machines in Fire Stations

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College Campus Offers Emergency Contraceptive Plan B Via Vending Machine

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Prescription Drug Vending Machine Brought on Campus


Star Trek’s Medical Tricorder Is No Longer Fantasy

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Hospital Scrubs in Public? What Are Your Thoughts?

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Medical Supply Vending Machines Help EMT’s and More

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School Supply Vending Machine & Healthy Snack Alternatives | Why Students Love Them

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EMS Supply Vending Machines | Equipment That Saves Lives

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Healthier Hospital Vending Machines Becoming a Reality

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The Wittern Group Announces its Commitment to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge

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Control Your Hospital Inventory with UCapIt’s Locker Systems

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How to Take Control Back in Your Hospital Pharmacy

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13 Year Old CEO Hopes to Bring His “RecMed First Aid Kits” to Vending Machines

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Vassar College Brings Supply Convenience by way of Vending Machine

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Vending Machines Supplied With Breastfeeding Equipment

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ASU Student Health Center Does Not Live Up To Student Demands

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Robot Inventory Drug Control at University Health Services

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Benefits of Using Pharmaceutical Vending Machines

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Automated Vending Control Over Pharmaceuticals & Accountability

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Vending Machines in Retail and Office Spaces are on the Rise

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Safe and Secure with the CAP 3 and CAP 3 Refrigerated Vending Units

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Keep Your Employees Happy, Healthy & Productive with an Office Vending Machine

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EMS Medical Supply Shortages: A Solution

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Keep Controlled Substances Contained and Under Your Control

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More Hospitals are now Investing in Scrub Stocked Vending Machines, ScrubTrak

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Healthy Vending Options for Hotel Travelers

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Automated Pharmaceutical Dispenser Software and Hardware Solutions

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What Happens if you Ban Bottled Water on a College Campus Vending Machine?

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Schools and Fitness Centers Offer More Healthy Food & Non Food Related Items More Than Ever Before

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Good Items to Embrace, and Bad Items to Avoid in Your Gym Vending Machine

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The University of California, Santa Barbara Offers Students Broad Range of Materials in Vending Machine


Redefining The Retail Experience

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Secure Dispensers for Office Supply Vending Machines

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How To Avoid The 3pm Office Lull

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IDS Medical Vending Machines Will Shine During 2015 FDIC International Conference

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Have You Heard of Oasis? Robotic Retail Food Units to Bring Healthy Options to Food Scarce Areas

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IDS Will Attend The 2015 CleanShow | ScrubTrak

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EMS Today 2015 Welcomes Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

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Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to Attend West Region EMS & Trauma Care Council in February

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Office Supply Vending Machines Introduced to Libraries

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Cashless Vending is Safe, Secure, and Smart

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New Social Commerce: Vending Machines

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IDS | Twitter Activated Retail Vending Machine by Eddie Bauer

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Vending Security and Control: How Software is Revolutionizing the Industry

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See the Cap5 Medical Office Vending Machine from IDS at the 2014 Texas EMS Conference

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Customer Convenience with ‘Will-Call’ Technology

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iQ Technology | Revolutionary Inventory and Tracking System

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The Simple, Central & Smart Way to Track & Dispense Scrubs

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Medical Supply Dispensing via Vending Machines


The Value of Social Commerce for Custom Vending Machine Owners

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Keeping Your Office Working Efficiently

Custom Vending Machines are on the Rise

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New and Trending: Vending With Fendi


Celebrate Independence Day with Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

New In the World of Custom Vending

Colorado Marijuana Vending Shows First Sign of Positive Results

Make a Splash with Poolside Custom Vending Machines

What Will Custom Vending Be Like In 50-100 Years?

Marijuana Next Big Thing in Custom Vending?

Supply and Demand – Laundromat Vending Machines

The Origin of Custom Vending

Completely Custom and Energy Efficient

Building Your Brand with Retail Vending Machines

Office Supply Solutions to Enhance Your Business

Inventory and Tracking through iQ Technology

Medical Grade Dispensing Solutions

iQ Technology Takes the Hassle out of Inventory Control

Epic Oreo Custom Cream Vending Machine

4 Wacky Custom Vending Machines

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Improving Hospital Inventory Control


A History of Vending Solutions

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Ways to Keep Track of Inventory

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Vending Isn’t Just for Food

Keep Inventory in Check with Custom Vending Machines

Introducing Scrubtrak!

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions at NRF in NYC

Vending Machines Help Patients Take Meds Appropriately

Stay in DEA Compliance with Pharmaceutical Vending Machines

Track Inventory Remotely with Custom Vending Machines


Free Your Office Manager from the Drudgery of Managing Office Supplies


Staying Informed on Office Supplies


Working Late and Need Supplies? A Vending Machine Comes to the Rescue


Evolving Workplaces

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Custom Vending Machines Creating Organization

Custom Vending Machine Solutions


Medical Custom Vending Machine


Secure Office Vending Machines

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Satellite Storage Solutions

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Smart Vending Software

Successful Retail Kiosks

Customized and Healthy Vending

New York Fashion Week’s Recycling Machine

Smart Subway Vending Machines

Work Out Convenience

Retail Vending Technologies

Freshly Fried French Fry Machine

30-Year-Old Custom Vending Machine

Earning Your Vending Treat

Last-Minute Makeup Machine

Instant Vending Satisfaction

New Report Examines the Life of a Vending Machine

Custom Vending Machines for Summer Boardwalks

Fitness Vending Machines for Summer

Touch Screen vs Keypads for Custom Vending Machines

Want a Pepsi? All You Need is to Dish Out a ‘Like’

Getting Creative with Retail This Summer

Social Vending Machines: The Trend is Here to Stay

Book Vending Machines Continue to Pop Up

Vending Machines Could Be Mobile Payment Catalyst

French Man Robotically “Reaches” Into Vending Machines

Solar Vending Machines on the Horizon

The NAMA OneShow is Here

Huffington Post Outlines Oddest Vending Machines

Rechargeable Batteries from a Custom Vending Machine

Vending From a Taxi?

Facebook Vending Machines Provide a Unique Take on Dispensing

New Phone App Allows Vending Machine Operators to Connect to Customers

Social Media and Vending

Ohio Company Goes Custom

Pay for Products with a Tweet

Never Shake a Vending Machine Again

Sega’s SuperBooth Machine Reinvents the Photo Booth

New Juice Machines Set to Rejuvenate Offices

New Coffee Vending Machine Uses Facial Recognition

New Smoothie and Slushie Vending Machines Distributed Worldwide

Interest In Unconventional Vending Machine Reaches New High

Create the Ultimate Gaming Store

Healthy Resolutions With Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

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The Greek Importance of Supply Dispensing

“Improved” Vending Machines

Vending Companies are Embracing Mobile Payment

Educate Your Customers with Book Vending Machines

Create a Pop-Up Vending Shop for the Holidays

Unique Vending Machines Across the World

Equip Your Business for the Holidays with a Custom Vending Machine

Custom Vending Machines for Hotels

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Vending Medical Supplies for Savings and Safety

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Should the Office’s Custom Vending Machine Include Post-Its?

Managing Supplies And Overhead

Include Employees In Stocking The Office Vending Machine

Supplies From School And Office Vending Machines

Electronics Vending Machine Safe?

The Improved Quality Of New Vending Machines

End-To-End Vending Machine Fulfillment

Credit And Debit On Customized Vending Machines

Basic Medical Supplies In Vending Machines

Stock Lunch Options In Office Vending Machines

Retail Vending Solutions For Surly Cashiers

Office Vending Machine To Save Money

Tool Vending For Impromptu DIY

Office Vending Machine Promoting Dental Hygiene

Dormant School Vending Machines?

Ice Cream, Custom Vending Machines

Pizza Retail Vending

Vending In Schools, Choices For Kids

Retail Vending In The Office

Solving a Theft Problem

A Facebook Vending Machine

Belt and Conveyor Vending Machines

Never a Coin Stuck or Money Lost

Hug a Vending Machine, Receive a Free Coke

Perk Up with Coffee Vending Machines

Innovative School Lunch Programs

Custom Vending Machines for Hotels

Emergency Medical Supplies in Custom Vending Machines

Automatic Apparel for Clothing on the Go

Get Ready for Cupcake Vending Machines

The VendNetwork Solution

When Supply and Demand Don’t Match, Try a Vending Machine

Old Cigarette Machines Put to Artful Use

School Vending Machines Still Offer Unhealthy Snacks

IDS Breaks from Vending Machine Norms

Vending Machines Doling Out Health Advice to Kids

Cigarette Vending Machines Banned Across the Pond

Boston Now Dispensing Bicycle Helmets

Free Wi-fi at Vending Machines

Studying Shoppers with the iSample

Office Vending Machines Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Vending Machines for the Gym

School Vending Machines Keep You Focused

Mikey, Hershey’s, and the School Vending Machine

Tapping Vending Machine Soda Cans

My Feelings on Vending Machines

The Freedom of Custom Vending Machines

Dr. Pepper From School and Office Vending Machines

Retail Vending, 24/7

Office Vending Machines Save Workers from the 3pm Lull

Healthy Vending Machines

Peanut Butter Snacks in School Vending Machines

Coke in Vending Machines

Cheetos, Fritos and Vending Machines

The Need for an Office Vending Machine

Custom Vending Machines and The Need for Fewer Choices

Custom Vending Machines and The Need for Fewer Choices

The Days Of Bad-Content School Vending Machines Are OVER

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